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About myself in 2019. New Lifestyle, New Life

Mr David Norris. New lifestyle, New Lease of Life

Email :

(44) (0) 7964396587

I origionally developed this site on behalf of my ex-wife who was running her own business. However, due to domestic violence and abuse we are now divorced. Indeed, at time of updating this page (January 2019) I am writing a book on this very subject in order to share my experiences with others who are, or have been, going through a similar ordeal. In which I tell the story of how we met, got married, and had a family. Amd of how the nightmare developed, and how I finally ended it. Although I have been left scarred for life. Or have I? Right now, I am trying to give myself a makeover. And a new lease of life.

I am a polyamorous man from London in the United Kingdom. Seeking to build a new life which is currently under construction as you read this.

Occasionally I cannot help letting my academic roots show through, so here goes. Indeed the subject of my dissertation was networking and security in computing; I designed an intrusion detection system as its topic. My dissertation may be downloaded here: Adobe PDF, 2.8MB or Microsoft ebook Reader, (.lit), 5MB.

I gained my first degree (BSc Electronics) in 2000 followed by a masters' degree in 2004, at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. I origionally came to live in London in 2005 to undertake a PhD at Kings College London; however funding difficulties forced me to change my mind. See here for a couple of cautionary tales and a brief explanation of how I came to be where I am now.

Until recently I worked at the Whittington Hospital in Archway, in North London, which happens to be where I met my wife way back in 2006. Since after 8 long years I felt the desire to move on and 'do something new', I decided to leave the hospital and become a minicab driver, once I got my PCO licence and had a suitably licenced vehicle ready. This will, I hope, 'tide me over' until my wife's business is fully up and running. I would say I am happy 95% of the time; you get some difficult passengers, and there are of course some added expenses involved including fuel and insurance costs, but at least I am my own boss and am able to make my own decisions. This is hugely advantagous for me; I have always been a very independant person afrer all. By this I really mean that I like to just get on with my life with nobody giving me grief.

Currently, I am employed by Securitas UK, being a security officer may not be glamerous exactly, but on night or weekend shifts the sites are quiet and you can get all those odd jobs done, such as updating the website and writing my books or reviews! However Gloria, my new lady, proposes starting a business sine I have knowledge of computing and electronics. That is a possible course for our future.

I have a number of interests which include amateur radio. My callsign is G7VDI.

I am hosting this site using exclusively open source software (Apache Webserver running on Ubuntu Linux Server). I have always been keen to make use of open source software when it is feasible, and I have always opted for Linux in one flavour or another when setting up my own servers.

This site is admittedly somewhat basic at present; however I will be continuing to develop it and add new features as and when time allows(!). Please note that I am not responsible for the content of external websites. Note that I do take care to ensure all the pages display correctly and that the hyperlinks work, I welcome any reports of any problems which visitors may encounter. David Norris, January 2019.

Amateur Radio Related Pages (With some brand new material added)

General Downloads: Items of general usage or interest, not necessarily of direct connection to Cotexfood Trading as such; rather just my own 'added value' contribution.

Amazing, but true. People do waste their hard earned money. At the drop of a hat.


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