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About the Site Designer

Mr David Norris

Email :

(44) (0) 7964396587

I origionally developed this site on behalf of my ex-wife who was running her own business. However, due to domestic violence and abuse we are now divorced. Indeed, at time of updating this page (September 2017) I am writing a book on this very subject in order to share my experiences with others who are, or have been, going through a similar ordeal. In which I tell the story of how we met, got married, and had a family. Amd of how the nightmare developed, and how I finally ended it. Although I have been left scarred for life.

Occasionally I cannot help letting my academic roots show through, so here goes. Indeed the subject of my dissertation was networking and security in computing; I designed an intrusion detection system as its topic. My dissertation may be downloaded here: Adobe PDF, 2.8MB or Microsoft ebook Reader, (.lit), 5MB.

I gained my first degree (BSc Electronics) in 2000 followed by a masters' degree in 2004, at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. I origionally came to live in London in 2005 to undertake a PhD at Kings College London; however funding difficulties forced me to change my mind. See here for a couple of cautionary tales and a brief explanation of how I came to be where I am now.

Until recently I worked at the Whittington Hospital in Archway, in North London, which happens to be where I met my wife way back in 2006. Since after 8 long years I felt the desire to move on and 'do something new', I decided to leave the hospital and become a minicab driver, once I got my PCO licence and had a suitably licenced vehicle ready. This will, I hope, 'tide me over' until my wife's business is fully up and running. I would say I am happy 95% of the time; you get some difficult passengers, and there are of course some added expenses involved including fuel and insurance costs, but at least I am my own boss and am able to make my own decisions. This is hugely advantagous for me; I have always been a very independant person afrer all. By this I really mean that I like to just get on with my life with nobody giving me grief.

I have a number of interests which include amateur radio. My callsign is G7VDI.

I am hosting this site using exclusively open source software (Apache Webserver running on Ubuntu Linux Server). I have always been keen to make use of open source software when it is feasible, and I have always opted for Linux in one flavour or another when setting up my own servers.

This site is admittedly somewhat basic at present; however I will be continuing to develop it and add new features as and when time allows(!). Please note that I am not responsible for the content of external websites. David Norris, June 2013.

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