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Welcome to Cotexfood Trading LTD

Hosted in London, United Kingdom

Site Designer Mr David Norris

(+44) (0) 7943 055280

(+44) (0) 7943055280

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This site is in the proscess of being re-designed, in view of the new life which I currently have under construction. Sale will begin after products are developed.

Breaking News! I now have a new partner who will shortly be joining me here in the United Kingdom, and will be helping me with the new buisiness after her arrival. Her contact details are above. A warm welcome to Gloria to her new life here in the United Kingdom! It marks the beginning of a new life for me also.

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Information about Gloria...

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Main Products (This site is still being set up so more items will be added over time):

Worksite 110 Volt Chargers - allowing charging of USB devices on construction sites - coming soon

My book - a work in progress, coming soon.

Title: When The Nightmare Came. The true story of how and why I am now divorced. It makes for harrowing reading but if you are curious, follow this llink...

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Cotexfood Trading LTD

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