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A warm welcome to Gloria...

This page is about Gloria Willos, a Burkinabé lady from Ouagadougou. Congratulations to her! She is a lady from a country many people have never even heard of, Burkina Faso, and who is to be my new partner. She is travelling to the United Kingdom on a 3 year work visa; she is a qualified nurse. Nursing is on what the home office refer to as the 'Shortage Occupation list', meaning that vacancies can be filled by people from outside the United Kingdom and European Economic Area. She will be helping me with the new business in her free time. A big welcome to her, and congratulations to her for becoming my new lady. As to the story of how we met, I will be writing about that story on another occasion.

Email :

(44) (0) 7943055280

Gloria is coming to begin a new and better life here in the United Kingdom with me, she has captured an English gentleman and we have plans for the future. She will have a new career, a new family (she is now the only surviving member of her family) and I am even introducing her to Amazon Fashion as I feel she has the potential to be accepted as a model, I got a positive reply from them when I contacted them

She is leaving behind a third world life in a place where even the power supply is unreliable, to join a modern, 21st century, university educated man. We are discussing starting our business after her arrival in the United Kingdom.

Despite being a citizen of a francophone country, her English is so good that she can almost pass as British born! Indeed, I marvel at her mastery of English.

Gloria is not, of course, alone in beginning a new life; I myself am currently rebuilding my life following ten years of abuse, it has been a long road indeed.

Plenty more to come here soon...

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