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These chargers were inspired by a spell I spent working in security on a construction site. I designed them in response to a glaringly obvious problem which I encountered: the difficulty in charging mobile phones and other devices on construction sites where only a 110 volt AC supply is available. (For safety reasons, no normal mains sockets are available except in such areas as the site office and canteen; it is rare to encounter a site which will allow 230 Volt working.

For this reason, I built a switched mode circuit into a 16 amp connector of the type used on construction sites, and modified the connector to provide a standard USB socket. These chargers will charge the majority of USB devices, although they may not manage Ipads as they draw too much current. Phones, most tablets, and even some two way radios will charge from a 1 amp output however.

I have long been into electronics, it's about time I put it to good use.

The charger plugs into the overhead cables, distribution box or directly into the transformer providing the 110 volt supply. I have now begun production, Starting price is 25 per unit.

Please note, the devices are assambled individually, so if you wish to order a batch, please contact me at the email address above in advance.

110 Volt Construction site Charger for USB devices


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